Latest News

10/06/2014 Interim President Coltrane's Competetive Excellence presentation to the UO Board of Trustees
10/06/2014 Email from Interim President Coltrane Regarding Jennifer Freyd's Presentation to the UO Senate Task Force to Address Sexual Violence and Survivor Support
09/23/2014 Board of Trustees Meeting September 2014
09/23/2014 Office of Sustainability Releases Progress Report
09/23/2014 Office of Sustainability Releases Progress Report
07/23/2014 Senate forms Task Force to Address Sexual Violence and Survivor Support
07/10/2014 President Gottfredson approves three policies on an interim basis over summer 2014
05/29/2014 President Gottfredson signs Academic Freedom Policy
05/13/2014 Intercollegiate Athletics Committee Agenda for May 14, 2014
05/08/2014 Documents Relevant to Sexual Assault Policies
05/05/2014 United Academics Liaison Appointed
04/22/2014 Upcoming Elections: Senate Vice President and UO COIA Representative
03/12/2014 Senate Budget Committee Election Results March 2014
03/12/2014 Senate Vice President/President-Elect Candidates March 2014
02/20/2014 President's Office Responds to Academic Freedom/Freedom of Speech Discussion
02/18/2014 Working Group Conference Video Available
02/07/2014 President Gottfredson replies to motion: Payments by the Athletics Department for Academic Purposes (US12/13-20)
01/17/2014 Vice President for Enrollment Management Roger Thompson Gives Report on Admissions to the University Senate
01/17/2014 Report from Professor Bill Harbaugh on Senate Motion "An End to Subsidies for the UO Athletic Department"
01/09/2014 Academic Freedom Working Group: Memorandum and 1st Round Committee Draft
12/09/2013 University Senate postpones motion: An End to Subsidies for the UO Athletic Department, approves formation of ad hoc committee
12/03/2013 Professor Edward Olivos: History is made in the Oregon Latino Community
11/20/2013 Fall 2013 Final Curriculum Report Approved by the Senate
11/19/2013 UO Hosts PAC-12 Faculty Leadership Coalition Conference
11/11/2013 Senate Executive Committee approves Preferred First Name Policy revisions
11/11/2013 Senate Executive Committee approves Development and Training Policy Revisions
07/30/2013 Conferral of Posthumous Degrees Policy has been revised
07/25/2013 President Gottfredson has approved the Facilities Scheduling Policy
07/23/2013 President Gottfredson's Response to Senate Motion US12/13-20
07/23/2013 President Gottfredson's Affirmation of the UO Constitution
07/23/2013 Senate Recommends to Governor 3 Faculty for New UO Board of Trustees
05/10/2013 Spring 2013 Preliminary Curriculum Report
04/17/2013 President Gottfredson's Testimony Regarding Institutional Governing Boards
03/13/2013 Report from UO Police Department
03/12/2013 Senate Executive Review Committee Report (draft) on Faculty Input into Hiring and Review of Executive Administrators
03/12/2013 Report from UO Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Respectful Workplace
02/26/2013 The Arming of UO Police Officers: Public Forums.
02/14/2013 IAC Report on the 'Random Drug Testing OAR's'
02/14/2013 Report on "Study Space Prioritization"
03/09/2012 2012 Winter Curriculum Report
02/21/2012 Senate Transparency Meeting Announcement
01/18/2012 Senate Transparency Meeting Minutes 01/12/2012
12/08/2011 Fall 2011 Curriculum Report
11/21/2011 Fall 2011 Preliminary Curriculum Report
11/11/2011 UO Special Election Results for the PTRAC and FGAC
10/14/2011 Distinguished Service Award Ceremony: Introductory Remarks by Senate President Robert Kyr
06/10/2011 Foreign Study Program Committee's 2011 Senate Report
06/08/2011 InterInstitutional Faculty Senate's 2011 Senate Report
05/27/2011 Faculty Advisory Committee's Year End Report to the University Senate
05/26/2011 Reports from the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee
05/26/2011 Distinguished Teaching Award Committee's annual Report to the University Senate
05/25/2011 NTTF Questions and Answers
05/20/2011 2011 Senate Bylaws
05/20/2011 Undergraduate Council's year end Report
05/20/2011 Academic Council's year end Report
05/16/2011 2010 - 2011 SAP Progress Report
05/12/2011 Spring 2011 Curriculum Report
05/11/2011 2011 University Senate and Elected Committees Election Results
05/03/2011 2010-2011 Report on Faculty Salaries
04/29/2011 2011 Senate By-laws
04/28/2011 Spring 2011 Preliminary Curriculum Report
04/28/2011 University Senate and Elected Committee Nominees
02/25/2011 Winter 2011 Final Curriculum Report
01/25/2011 Academic Council Report on the New Partnership
12/08/2010 President Lariviere's Response to the Passage of US10/11-04 (Motion on the Riverfront Research Park)
11/09/2010 Senate Budget Committee Report on the New Partnership Proposal
08/30/2010 UO Constitution Passed
08/29/2010 New Senate Website