2016-2017 Motions: Legislation, Policy Adoptions, and Resolutions

Formal actions by the University Senate fall into three categories:

Motions on issues under the direct jurisdiction of the Senate, including but not limited to curriculum, degree granting and student conduct.

Motions to adopt binding University policies which must subsequently be formally adopted by the University President before going into effect.

Non-binding motions on any subject outside Legislation and Policy Adoptions.

Number Title Current Status Legislation, Policy Proposal, or Resolution
US15/16-01 Confidentiality of Students' Counseling Records Approved on 10/07/15 Resolution
US15/16-02 In Support of UCC Survivors and a Call to Action Regarding School Violence Approved on 10/07/15 Resolution
US15/16-03 Support for the IFS Resolution Addressing Violence in Our Schools Approved on 10/21/2015 Resolution
US15/16-04 Improving effectiveness of the UO Police Department Approved 12/02/15 Resolution
US15/16-05 Proposed Changes to Summer Term Calendar Approved 11/11/2015 Legislation
US15/16-06 Revision of the Faculty Advisory Council's charge and exemption from Senate Open Meetings rule Approved 12/02/15 Legislation
US15/16-07 Repeal of IMDs 2.001-015: University System Curricula Approved 11/11/2015 Policy Proposal
US15/16-08 Repeal of OUS 05 Accreditation Reports Approved 11/11/2015 Policy Proposal
US15/16-09 Approval of Curriculum Report, Fall Term 2015 Approved 12/02/15 Legislation
US15/16-10 Revised IT Data Security Policies Approved 01/27/16 Policy Proposal
US15/16-11 Revision of Policy Number IV. 02.01, "Code of Ethics" Approved 01/27/16 Policy Proposal
US15/16-12 New Program Approval, M.S. Sports Product Design Approved 02/24/2016 Legislation
US15/16-13 New Program Approval, B.A./B.S. in Arts Management Approved 02/10/16 Legislation
US15/16-14 Respecting the Differing Roles of the Senate and the Faculty Advisory Council Rejected on 04/20/16 Legislation
US15/16-15 Course Repeat Policy Approved 02/10/16 Policy Proposal
US15/16-16 Revision of the Membership of the Committee on Sexual & Gender-Based Violence (CSGBV) Approved 02/10/16 Legislation
US15/16-17 Policy on Confidentiality of Student Health Care and Survivors' Services Information Approved 03/09/2016 Policy Proposal
US15/16-18 Revision of the Membership of the Graduate Council Approved 02/24/2016 Legislation
US15/16-19 Revision of the Policy on Conferral of Posthumous Degrees Approved 02/24/2016 Policy Proposal
US15/16-20 Approval of Curriculum Report, Winter Term 2016 Approved 03/09/2016 Legislation
US15/16-21 Revision of the Code of Ethics in Response to Feedback from the University President Approved 04/06/2016 Policy Proposal
US15/16-22 Policy on Undergraduate Online and Hybrid Courses: Student Engagement Approved 04/06/2016 Policy Proposal
US15/16-23 Responsible Employee Policy Proposal Rejected on 05/18/2016 Policy Proposal
US15/16-24 Major/Minor/Certificate/Program Course Overlap Policy Approved 05/18/2016 Policy Proposal
US15/16-25 Policy Revision: Scheduling of Examinations Approved 05/18/2016 Policy Proposal
US15/16-26 Approval of Curriculum Report, Spring Term 2016 Approved 05/18/2016 Legislation
US15/16-27 Revision of Academic Classification and Rank Policy Approved 05/11/2016 Policy Proposal
US15/16-28 Revision of Sabbatical Leave Policy Approved 05/11/2016 Policy Proposal
US15/16-29 Repeal of Obsolete OUS Academic Policies Approved 05/11/2016 Policy Proposal
US15/16-30 Addendum to the Spring 2016 Curriculum Report: Minor Changes to the MA/MS in Folklore: Public Folklore track Approved 05/25/2016 Legislation
US15/16-31 Announcement and Confirmation of Spring 2016 Committee Appointments Approved 05/25/2016 Legislation
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