2012-2013 Motions: Legislation, Policy Adoptions, and Resolutions

Formal actions by the University Senate fall into three categories:

Motions on issues under the direct jurisdiction of the Senate, including but not limited to curriculum, degree granting and student conduct.

Motions to adopt binding University policies which must subsequently be formally adopted by the University President before going into effect.

Non-binding motions on any subject outside Legislation and Policy Adoptions.

Number Title Current Status Legislation, Policy Adoption, or Resolution
US12/13-01 Review of OAR Revision on Random Drug Testing to the Senate Executive Committee Report Due on 2/13/2013 Policy Adoption
US12/13-02 Financial Conflict of Interest in Research Policy Approved on 11/7/2012 Policy Adoption
US12/13-03 Faculty Input into Hiring Executive Administrators Approved on 11/7/2012 Legislation
US12/13-04 Review of Executive Administrators Approved on 11/7/2012 Legislation
US12/13-05 Inequity in ORP Contribution Rates Approved on 11/7/2012 Resolution
US12/13-06 Curriculum Report, Fall Term 2012 Approved on 12/5/2012 Legislation
US12/13-07 Support for Maintaining 4J Neighborhood Schools Approved on 12/5/2012 Resolution
US12/13-08 Study Space Prioritization Approved on 12/5/2012 Legislation
US12/13-09 Classroom Space Prioritization Approved on 12/5/2012 Legislation
US12/13-10 Performance Review of Provost James C. Bean Approved on 2/13/2013 Legislation
US12/13-11 Data and Documents for the IAC and Clarifying FERPA Approved on 1/16/2013 Resolution
US12/13-12 Appointing an IAC Faculty Member to the Special Athletics Admit Group Approved on 03/11/15 Legislation
US12/13-13 UO Representation on the Interinstitutional Faculty Senate (IFS) Approved on 1/16/2013 Legislation
US12/13-14 Senate Review of Teaching Evaluation Process Notice Given Legislation
US12/13-15 Release Time to Enhance Senate Effectiveness Approved on 1/16/2013 Legislation
US12/13-16 Modification of Senate Bylaws Fiscal Impact Statement Approved on 1/16/2013 Legislation
US12/13-17 Senate Support for the Continuation of the Center for Latino/a and Latin American Studies Notice Given Resolution
US12/13-18 Information Regarding the UO Affiliated Golf Course Notice Given Resolution
US12/13-19 Marriage Equality Notice Given Resolution
US12/13-20 Payments by the Athletics Department for Academic Purposes Approved on 5/8/2013 Resolution
US12/13-21 Clarifying the Wording of UO Diplomas Approved on 3/13/2013 Legislation
US12/13-22 Senate Support for the Addition of an Obmuds Office at the UO Approved on 3/13/2013 Resolution
US12/13-23 Academic Credit for Military Science Courses Notice Given Legislation
US12/13-24 Term Limits for the Office of Senate President Notice Given Legislation
US12/13-25 Union Negotiations Regarding Academic Freedom Notice Given Legislation
US12/13-26 Regarding Shared Governance at the University of Oregon Approved on 4/10/2013 Resolution
US12/13-27 Establishment of a Provost Search Process Approved on 3/13/2013 Resolution
US12/13-28 Senate-Administration Joint Review of the Office of Research, Innovation, and Graduate Education (RIGE) Approved on 3/13/2013 Legislation
US12/13-29 Curriculum Report, Winter Term 2013 Approved on 3/13/2013 Legislation
US12/13-30 Comparator Study of Senate Agenda Time Notice Given Resolution
US12/13-31 Facilities Scheduling Policy Approved on 4/10/2013 Policy Adoption
US12/13-32 Working Groups for Tenth-Year Review Approved on 4/10/2013 Legislation
US12/13-33 Amendment to US12/13-13, UO Representation on the Interinstitutional Faculty Senate (IFS) Approved on 4/10/2013 Legislation
US12/13-34 Academic Freedom & Freedom of Speech Approved on 4/17/2013 Policy Adoption
US12/13-35 Conferral of Posthumous Degrees Approved on 4/17/2013 Policy Adoption
US12/13-36 Name Change from Foreign Study Programs Committee to Study Abroad Programs Committee Approved on 4/17/2013 Legislation
US12/13-37 Name Change from Summer Research Awards Committee to Faculty Research Awards Committee Approved on 4/17/2013 Legislation
US12/13-38 Term Limits for Senate Committees Approved on 4/17/2013 Legislation
US12/13-39 Committee Requirements with Minor Revisions (Tenth-Year Review 2013) Approved on 4/17/2013 Legislation
US12/13-40 Legal Services Policy Postponed to 5/22/2013 Policy Adoption
US12/13-41 Committee Requirements with Moderate Revisions - Slate 1 (Tenth-Year Review 2013) Approved on 5/8/2013 Legislation
US12/13-42 Committee Requirements with Moderate Revisions, Slate 2 (Tenth-Year Review 2013) Approved on 5/22/2013 Legislation
US12/13-43 Working Group for Administrative Advisory Groups Approved on 5/22/2013 Legislation
US12/13-44 Working Group for Faculty Research Awards Committee Approved on 5/22/2013 Legislation
US12/13-45 Authorization to Award Degrees Approved on 5/22/2013 Legislation
US12/13-46 Curriculum Report, Spring Term 2013 Approved on 5/22/2013 Legislation
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