Senate Meeting Agenda - October 10, 2012

Knight Library Room 101, 3:00‐5:00 pm

3:00 pm1. Call to Order
       1.1Approval of the Minutes of the May 9 & 23 Meetings
3:05 pm2. State of the University
  2.1Remarks by University President Michael Gottfredson
  2.2Questions and Comments with Response
3:25 pm3. New Business
  3.1Remarks by Senate President Robert Kyr
  3.2Questions and Comments with Response
  3.3OAR on Random Drug Testing; Robert Kyr
3:45 pm4. Open Discussion
  4.1ORP & PEBB;
   Jay Kenton, OUS Vice Chancellor of Finance & Administration
4:30 pm5. Reports
  5.1ASUO Report; Laura Hinman, ASUO President
  5.2Student Voter Drive; Lamar Wise, ASUO Senator
  5.3President's Forums in Winter & Spring Quarters
  5.4Provost's Forums in Winter & Spring Quarters
  5.5Search for Senate Executive Coordinator
  5.6Policies for 2012 - 2013
   Academic Freedom and Freedom of Speech; Facilities Use Policy;
   Legal Representation Policy; "Fee for Service" Policy;
   Financial Conflict of Interest in Research
  5.7Tenth Year Review of All University Standing Committees
  5.8Ad Hoc Committee on Academic Excellence
  5.9Ad Hoc Committee on Instructional Technology
  5.10UA Senate Liaison Committee
  5.11Survey on University Priorities (Provost's Office and Senate)
4:50 pm6. Announcements and Communications from the Floor
  6.1Notice of Motion: Faculty Input into Hiring Executive Administrators
   Bill Harbaugh, Senator (Economics)
  6.2Notice of Motion: Review of Executive Administrators (Harbaugh)
  6.3Notice of Motion: Release Time to Enhance Senate Effectiveness
   Frank Stahl, Professor Emeritus (Biology)
5:00 pm7. Adjournment