Senate Meeting Agenda - December 5, 2012

Knight Library Room 101, 3:00‐5:00 pm

3:00 pm 1. Call to Order
         1.1 Approval of the Minutes of the October 10, 2012 Senate Meeting
3:05 pm 2. State of the University
    2.1 Remarks by University President Michael Gottfredson
    2.2 Questions and Comments with Response
    2.3 Remarks by Provost James C. Bean
    2.4 Questions and Comments with Response
3:20 pm 3. New Business
    3.1 Fall Curriculum Report (Motion for Legislation); Paul
      Engelking, Chair; Committee on Courses
    3.2 Motion (Legislation): Release Time to Enhance Senate Effectiveness;
      Sponsor: Frank Stahl, Professor Emeritus (Biology)
    3.3 Motion (Legislation/Amendment): Modification of Fiscal Impact Statement;
      Sponsor: Frank Stahl, Professor Emeritus (Biology)
    3.4 Motion (Resolution): Support for Maintaining 4J Neighborhood Schools;
      Sponsor: Mark Gillem, Associate Professor (AAA)
    3.5 Motion (Legislation): Study Space Prioritization;
      Sponsor: Harlan Mechling; ASUO Academic Affairs Director
    3.6 Motion (Legislation): Classroom Space Prioritization;
      Sponsor: Harlan Mechling; ASUO Academic Affairs Director
4:00 pm 4. Open Discussion
4:05 pm 5. Reports
    5.1 ASUO Report; Laura Hinman, ASUO President
    5.2 UA Senate Liaison Committee; David Luebke, Chair
    5.3 Coalition of PAC-12 Faculties Meeting; Louise Bishop
      UO Representative (Designee) & Co-Chair, Faculty Advisory Council (FAC)
    5.4 Classroom Expansion - Straub Hall; Carol Daly, Chair;
      Campus Planning Committee
    5.5 Update on Two Motions: "Faculty Input into Hiring Executive
      Administrators" & "Review of Executive Administrators;
      Robert Kyr, Senate President
4:50 pm 6. Announcements and Communications from the Floor
    6.1 Notice of Motion: Data and Documents for the IAC and Clarifying FERPA;  
      Bill Harbaugh, Professor (Economics)  
    6.2 Notice of Motion: Faculty Approval for Special Admissions of Student-  
      Athletes; Bill Harbaugh, Professor (Economics)  
    6.3 Notice of Motion:Senate Support for the Continuation of the Center  
      for Latino/a and Latin American Studies (CLLAS); Pedro Garcia Caro,  
      University Senator and Assistant Professor (Romance Languages)  
    6.4 Notice of Motion: Opposition to Building a UO-Affiliated Golf Course;  
      Bob Doppelt, Adjunct Associate Professor (PPPM)  
    6.5 Notice of Motion: Senate Review of Course Evaluation Process;  
      Steven Pologe, University Senator and Professor (School of Music)  
    6.6 Notice of Motion: UO Elections and UO Senators for the Interinstitutional  
      Faculty Senate (IFS); UO Senate Executive Committee  
5:00 pm 7. Adjournment