Senate Meeting Agenda - April 10, 2013

Knight Library Room 101, 3:00‐5:00 pm

3:00 pm 1. Call to Order
         1.1 Approval of the Minutes of the March 13, 2013 Senate Meeting
3:05 pm 2. State of the University
    2.1 Remarks by President Michael Gottfredson
      2.1.1   Questions and Comments with Response
3:15 pm 3. New Business
    3.1 Motion (Policy Adoption): Facilities Scheduling Policy; Kassia Dellabough (AAA),
      Chair; Senate Facilities Scheduling Policy Committee
    3.2 Motion (Legislation): Working Groups for Tenth-Year Review; Committee on
      Committees, Robert Kyr, Senate President
    3.3 Motion (Resolution): Regarding Shared Governance at the University of Oregon;
      Roxann Prazniak, Associate Professor (CHC, History)
    3.4 Motion (Legislation): Amendment to US12/13-13, UO Representation on the
      Interinstitutional Faculty Senate (IFS); Senate Executive Committee
4:55 pm 4. Open Discussion
4:55 pm 5. Reports
4:57 pm 6. Announcements and Communications from the Floor
    6.1 Notice of Motion (Legislation): Termination of the UO-ROTC Contract;  
      Frank Stahl, Professor Emeritus (Biology)  
5:00 pm 7. Adjournment