Repeal and Adoption of Student Records Rules

Date of Notice: 
Mon, 01/12/2015
Legislation, Resolution, or Policy Adoption: 
Policy Adoption
Current Status: 
Approved on 1/14/2015

Section I

1.1 WHEREAS, the transition to a new Board of Trustees for the University under the law popularly known as Senate Bill 270 of 2013 removed the State Board of Higher Education as a future source of policies for the University of Oregon; and

1.2 WHEREAS, a number of rules adopted by the State Board of Higher Education in the past (primarily known as “Oregon Administrative Rules 580-[various]” or herein as “580 rules”) involve academic matters as commonly understood in higher education, including Student records (contained within; and

1.3 WHEREAS, the University of Oregon has its own rules (primarily known as “Oregon Administrative Rules 571-[various]” or herein as “571 rules”) (contained within and University of Oregon Policies (found in the University of Oregon Policy Library) (contained within regarding Student Records; and

1.4 WHEREAS, the Senate Executive Committee has reviewed certain “580 rules” of the old State Board regarding Student Records and found their topics, issues, and protections adequately covered by substantially equivalent “571 rules” of the University;

1.5 WHEREAS, Section 170 (8) of Senate Bill 270 provides:

(8) Notwithstanding any other provision of this section, the lawfully adopted rules and policies of the State Board of Higher Education pertaining to a university with a governing board that are in effect on the effective date of this 2013 Act continue in effect until lawfully superseded or repealed by the standards or policies of the governing board or the university [emphasis added]; and

1.6 WHEREAS, the President of the University of Oregon adopted all old “571 rules” as University policies on June 18, 2014 (see document signed by President Gottfredson, available at; and

1.7 WHEREAS, the Senate Executive Committee has taken a “Master List” of rules and policies, added a unique, easy-to-track identifying number to each one, and created a series of subject-matter tabs to help pull rules together under each tab (see Policies of Senate Interest Excel workbook),

Section II

2.1 BE IT HEREBY MOVED that the following 9 “580 rules” (contained within; are hereby repealed by the University of Oregon Senate (upon subsequent assent by the University President):

216       OAR     580-013-0005     Institutional Regulations (student records)

217       OAR     580-013-0010     Definitions (student records)

218       OAR     580-013-0015     Purpose of Student Records

220       OAR     580-013-0025     Locations and Custody of Student Records

221       OAR     580-013-0030     Release of and Access to Student Records

222       OAR     580-013-0035     Confidential Records -- Restrictions on Release

223       OAR     580-013-0036     Transfer of Education Records

225       OAR     580-013-0045     Availability of Student Records for Research Purposes

226       OAR     580-013-0050     Permanence, Duplication, and Disposal of Student Records

2.2 BE IT HEREBY MOVED that the following one “580 rule” (contained within; inherited from the Oregon University System (State Board of Higher Education) be enacted as a regular University of Oregon Faculty Records policies and Record Retention policies:

224       OAR     580-013-0040     Petition by Student for Change in Personal Record

2.3 BE IT FURTHER MOVED that the following 16 “571 rules” (contained within have been reviewed by the Senate, have been found to be adequate, are hereby endorsed by the University Senate, and the President is requested to record this endorsement in an appropriate place in the Policy Library, both online and in other files:

83         OAR     571-020-0100     Introduction

84         OAR     571-020-0110     Definitions

85         OAR     571-020-0120     Location and Custody of Student Records

86         OAR     571-020-0130     Access to Education Records by a Student

87         OAR     571-020-0140     Fees for Copies of Education Records

88         OAR     571-020-0150     Limitations on Access to Education Records

89         OAR     571-020-0160     Disclosure of Directory Information

90         OAR     571-020-0170     When Prior Consent Is Required for the Disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information from Education Records

91         OAR     571-020-0180     When Prior Consent Is Not Required for the Disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information from Education Records

92         OAR     571-020-0190     Procedures for Seeking Amendment of Education Records

93         OAR     571-020-0200     Availability of Education Records for Research Purposes

94         OAR     571-020-0210     Records of the Department of Public Safety

95         OAR     571-020-0220     Limitations on the Re-disclosure of Information

96         OAR     571-020-0230     Recordkeeping Requirements

97         OAR     571-020-0240     Permanence, Duplication, and Disposal of Student Records

98         OAR     571-020-0250     Annual Notice



Financial Impact: 
Cost neutral, or positive due to reduced confusion.

Senate Executive Committee (acting through Professor John E. Bonine)

Legislative History: 

See adoption notes at the end of each existing “580 rule” and “571 rule.”