To Promote Representative Attendance at Senate Meetings

Date of Notice: 
Wed, 01/28/2015
Legislation, Resolution, or Policy Adoption: 
Legislation (Change of Senate Bylaw)
Current Status: 
Approved 11/11/2015

***Note: Motion was amended at the Oct. 21, 2015 meeting and postponed for further consideration until the Nov. 11, 2015 senate meeting.

Section I

1.1 WHEREAS full attendance at Senate meetings assures the University Community of its constitutionally mandated representation, and

1.2 WHEREAS greater familiarity with the workings of the University Senate will provide a secure foundation for the future of constitutional shared governance;

Section II

2.1 BE IT MOVED that Section 2.4 of the Senate Bylaws be amended as follows:

2.4 Voting Rights and Procedures: Only senators and their substitutes as specified in this section have the right to vote in the University Senate. Senators or their substitutes must be present to cast a vote and voting in the Senate must be conducted by a voice, hand, or roll call vote. Voting by proxy (other than as specified in this section), absentee, mail, or secret ballot is prohibited.

2.4.1 Senators unable to attend a meeting of the Senate due to illness or absence on university business may arrange for attendance by a substitute. Such absence shall not be counted as one of the two absences allowed by Section 8.1 of the University Constitution.

2.4.2 If a senator chooses to use a substitute, the substitute must be a member of that senator’s Constituent Group and, as appropriate, Voting Unit as indicated in Section 4.1 of the University Constitution, namely: 

    • Statutory Faculty CAS - Humanities
    • Statutory Faculty CAS - Natural Sciences
    • Statutory Faculty CAS - Social Sciences
    • Statutory Faculty - School of Architecture and Allied Arts
    • Statutory Faculty - College of Business
    • Statutory Faculty - College of Education
    • Statutory Faculty - School of Journalism and Communication
    • Statutory Faculty - School of Law
    • Statutory Faculty - School of Music and Dance
    • Statutory Faculty – Clark Honors College
    • Statutory Faculty - "collective miscellany" as listed in the Constitution
    • Librarians
    • Officers of Administration
    • Students
    • Classified Staff
    • Career Non-Tenure-Track Research Faculty 

2.4.3 The substitute shall have full senatorial privileges and obligations while in attendance, including the right to vote and to discuss motions, and their attendance shall be counted when determining a quorum.  No person can serve as a substitute for more than one senator at the same meeting.

2.4.4 Senators shall notify the Executive Coordinator of the Statutory Faculty of each absence and substitution as far in advance of the meeting as is practical.

2.4.5 Senators are encouraged to acquaint their substitutes with their opinions regarding motions that are due to be considered at the meeting that the substitute will be attending so that effective representation is maintained.

2.1 Senators unable to attend a Senate meeting shall arrange for attendance by a Substitute, chosen from the Senator’s constituency (either Statutory Faculty, Librarians, Officers of Administration, Students, Classified Staff or Career Non-Tenure Track Research Faculty). The Substitute shall have full Senatorial privileges and obligations while in attendance.

2.2 Senators shall notify the Senate President of each substitution as far in advance of the meeting as is practical.

2.3 An act of substitution shall not be counted as an absence.

2.2 BE IT FURTHER MOVED: The constitutional requirements for attendance at meetings (see BACKGROUND) are not altered by these ByLlaw changes.

2.3 BE IT FINALLY MOVED: This amendment to the Senate Bylaws shall expire at the end of the last Senate meeting of the 2015-16 academic year.  At that time the Bylaws shall revert to their previous wording unless the Senate takes action to retain this current version.

Financial Impact: 
Cost neutral

Senate Executive Committee

Legislative History: 

Motion amended on the floor. Redline version here.

Original Motion text

Date of Effectiveness:

60 days from date of enactment.



8.1 The seat of any senator shall be considered vacant if the senator is absent two times in one term from regularly scheduled meetings of the University Senate, unless the Executive Coordinator of the Statutory Faculty has been notified of the senator’s illness or absence on university business.


The concept of substitution is not novel. Other Senates (e.g. ASUO and OSU Senates) have demonstrated its effectiveness in ensuring the aims described in SECTION I.