Legislation to Establish an Academic Integrity Task Force from Existing Senate Committees

Date of Notice: 
Wed, 12/03/2014
Legislation, Resolution, or Policy Adoption: 
Current Status: 
Approved on 12/3/2014

Section I

1.1  WHEREAS the Senate wishes to restore trust and confidence in the academic mission of the University of Oregon;

1.2  AND WHEREAS, the State of Oregon, beginning with the University of Oregon Charter and subsequent amendments [Section 14, 1876 (ORS 352.010, 352.004, 352.006)], provides that the faculty “have the immediate government and discipline of the public university and the students therein;”

1.3  AND WHEREAS, the Constitution of the University of Oregon (2011), via ratification by the statutory faculty, delegates said authority (Section 1.5) to the University Senate;

1.4  AND WHEREAS, the University Senate passed a legislative motion [US14/15-20] on November 19, 2014 that “directed Interim President Scott Coltrane and his administrators to work openly, publicly, and transparently with the UO Faculty, through the UO Senate in accordance with the UO Constitution, to determine how the University will maintain its academic standards in the event of a strike by the GTFF;”

1.5  AND WHEREAS, the Interim University President has authorized the implementation of an “Academic Continuity Plan” that bypassed that legislative directive;

1.6 AND WHEREAS the University Senate strongly objects to the implementation of a strike plan that: assigns non-academic staff to the role of monitoring activities in University courses; establishes grounds to discipline department heads and faculty for refusing to issue grades based on incomplete or non-assessed coursework; and makes significant alterations to grading procedures and course assignments without consulting the University Senate;

Section II

2.1 BE IT THEREFORE MOVED that the Senate directs the Senate President to convene an emergency joint meeting of the Undergraduate Council, the Graduate Council, and the Committee on Courses;

2.2  AND BE IT FURTHER MOVED that at this meeting an Academic Integrity Task Force be established to evaluate the Academic Continuity Plan that has been developed by the university administration via their Academic Continuity Team (and apparently a group of outside consultants and attorneys) and report thereon;

2.3  AND BE IT FURTHER MOVED that the AITF consult faculty, department heads and administrators to develop and implement plans to preserve academic integrity during interruptions of normal academic activities, such as the university is currently experiencing with the GTFF strike.

2.4  AND BE IT FURTHER MOVED that, in order to restore trust and confidence in the university’s academic integrity, the meetings and decisions of the AITF be open and transparent.


Michael Dreiling (Sociology), Senator

Legislative History: 

This motion was amended on the floor of the University Senate on 12/3/2014. Attached is a redlined version of the original motion.