The University of Oregon Senate is a partner in shared governance at the UO. We collaborate with the trustees, the president, and the administration as well as the university committees to further the mission of the UO. The senate derives its authority from the statutory faculty, by virtue of the University of Oregon Constitution, therefore it expresses the faculty's will on academic matters through appropriate legislation and policy proposals. Though its power derives from the faculty, the senate draws its members from and represents the entire university community, including students, staff, officers of administration, officers of research, librarians and faculty. With its broad representation across the universtiy, the senate expresses the will of the entire university through resolutions addressing issues that affect the community.

Current Governance Documents

University of Oregon Constitution as adopted by the University Statutory Faculty Assembly on December 07, 2011.

The constitution of the University of Oregon delegates the authority bestowed upon the statutory faculty to the University of Oregon Senate. The statutory faculty, as defined by the Constitution, is "the body of professor consisting of the University President, tenure-related officers of instruction, career non-tenure-track officers of instruciton, and officers of administration who are tenured in an academic department."

Senate Bylaws
Submitted by the Senate Executive Committee and officially adopted at the May 11, 2011 meeting of the University Senate.

The bylaws are the rules and procedures that the senate has adopted to govern its actions.

Policy on University Policies

Historical Documents

Historical documents are provided for context on the development of the University of Oregon's shared governance structure over time.

University Senate Charter, Enabling Legislation, and Bylaws

Memo to Senate President Paul van Donkelaar from the Oregon Department of Justice (November 7, 2008)

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