Establishment of a Student-Centered Workgroup to Consider Policies 36-41 (Student Grievance Policies)

Date of Notice: 
Wed, 01/28/2015
Legislation, Resolution, or Policy Adoption: 
Current Status: 
Approved on 1/28/15

Section I

1.1 WHEREAS, rules of the University of Oregon regarding student grievance procedures (contained within deserve a fresh look, and

1.2 WHEREAS, linkages and comments are provided on the Senate’s “Master List” of rules and policies, including unique, easy-to-track identifying numbers (see Policies of Senate Interest Excel workbook),

Section II

2.1 BE IT HEREBY MOVED that the Senate President appoint a Senate Workgroup, to include strong representation of undergraduate and graduate students and participation by both faculty and members of the University Administration (Ron Bramhall or designee), to review Policies 36-41 (571-003-0100 through 571-003-125) and to recommend changes as appropriate.

Financial Impact: 
Cost Neutral

Senate Executive Committee (through Professor John E. Bonine)

Legislative History: 

See adoption notes at the end of each existing “571 rule.”