ASUO-Athletics Ticket Agreement

Date of Notice: 
Wed, 02/04/2015
Legislation, Resolution, or Policy Adoption: 
Current Status: 
Approved on 03/11/15

Section I

1.1 WHEREAS affordability of higher education for students is a top priority of the University Senate; and

1.2 WHEREAS students currently pay approximately $71 per year to the UO Athletics Department, through their mandatory fees, in exchange for a limited number of student football and men's basketball tickets; and

1.3 WHEREAS the UO Athletics Department originally asked for a 10% increase to their approximately $1.6 million student fee budget from students in order to maintain the current level of student tickets; and

1.4 WHEREAS the UO Athletics Department often fundraises millions of dollars to cover the costs of new facilities and raises to coaches and AD administrators; and

1.5 WHEREAS the UO Athletics Department now says they are "likely" to cut subsidized student football lottery tickets, given the ASUO Senate has passed their budget with 0% growth;

Section II

2.1 BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED, that the University Senate supports the ASUO Senate's efforts to reduce the burden of Athletics on the student incidental fee without the loss of student tickets; and

2.2 AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the University Senate urges the UO Athletic Department to begin a fundraising campaign to cover the cost of student tickets at athletic events, or reduce costs in other ways to make athletic events more affordable for students to attend.

Andrew Lubash, University Senator and Student Senator
Legislative History: 

This motion was amended on the floor, 03/11/15. Attached is the redlined version with the change.