UO Senate Shared Governance, Transparency, and Trust Award

The UO Senate Shared Governance, Transparency, and Trust Award was created on January 21, 2015. The award represents the Senate’s interest in encouraging the proliferation of trust, transparency, and shared governance with the university administration.

Nomination Criteria:

This award will be presented to the individual who has best exemplified the values of trust, transparency, and shared governance in the past year.

How to Nominate Someone:

Describe the specific actions or activities of the nominee(s) that demonstrate their commitment to the values listed above. Describe in detail why you believe the nominee(s) deserves this award.

Please submit your nomination via email to Betina Lynn, Senate Executive Coordinator,, by Tuesday, April 12, 2016.

Nomination Process:

The entire campus, including faculty, Officers of Administration, classified staff, and students will be invited to submit nominations for the award. Senators and Senate committee members will also be asked to make nominations.


The Senate Executive Committee shall be responsible for facilitating the award process. It will collect and screen the nominees and recommend recipients to the University Senate. The Senate will vote to select the recipient.


2015 Michael Dreiling (Sociology)


March - announcements to university community requesting nominations

April - deadline for receiving nominations

April/May - review nominations and make selection

May - award announcement

Senate Legislation Establishing Award

Susan Gary Wayne Westling Award: Acceptance Speech

Of the awards the University bestows this is a special one for me because Wayne Westling was a dear colleague and friend. My faculty neighbor, Wayne was the embodiment of university service and community service, and it is so fitting that we have this award in his memory. I am honored beyond words to be this year’s recipient. This University has been my professional home for more than 20 years, and I appreciate the many opportunities the University has given me. This is an amazing place, with so much good work going on around us every day. I have benefitted from my involvement with University service, learning from each project and meeting wonderful members of our community. My work on the diversity plan, in particular, was an incredible learning experience for me, one that continues to influence me and has influenced my scholarly work. I love the University because it’s a place of learning, and all of us who work here get to continue learning throughout our professional lives. Thank you so much for this recognition. There are many, many others at our University who deserve this award, and I am honored to have received it.

David Espinoza, 2014 Recipient of the UO Senate Leadership and Service Award for Officers of Administration

I have to say that this comes as quite a surprise. It is always nice to be recognized and appreciated. I would like thank those who saw fit to nominate me for this award and I promise to continue to participate in the life of the university as a community member and as an officer of administration. I would like to thank the University Senate for creating an award that specifically acknowledges an officer of administration. I am quite humbled to be part of the group of OAs who have received this award: Shelly Elliott, Rachele Raia and Stephanie Bosnyk. This is very special company to keep.

To be honest, I am not really very comfortable with being singled out or put in the so-called limelight. From my perspective, no one, or at least very few of us, does anything by themselves. We exist within social and work contexts that bring us into constant contact and collaboration with a host of others. Anything that I may have been involved with that led to this moment was the result of working in collaboration with others. I would like to take this opportunity to reflect back a little of this attention and acknowledgement onto some very deserving colleagues. First and foremost I want to thank the Director of the Counseling & Testing Center, Shelly Kerr. Shelly has always been supportive and encouraging of my involvement with university service. Thank you Shelly, I appreciate your confidence and support. And then there is the staff of the Testing Center, Lisa Montgomery and Jenny Rouch who keep the doors open and things running smoothly while I move about campus from meeting to meeting, event to event. Their hard work and loyalty has been an essential support for me.

From 2008-2012 I served on the OA Council. This was one the most interesting, challenging and rewarding experiences of my time at the university. As a group, we made a commitment to address issues that we felt were important to OAs and the university community. While working to identify and advance critical issues, we sought to provide the university’s senior leadership with the best feedback and advice that we could. In this time I had the privilege to meet, get to know and work with some excellent people on the OA Council. I would like to thank and acknowledge Shelly Elliott, Rachele Raia, Cynthea McIntosh, and Tenaya Meaux. I learned a lot from these OA Council colleagues. Saving the best for last, I want to thank my closest collaborators from my time on the OA Council: Miriam Bolton, Linda Leon and Lisa Raleigh. Whether they know it or not, their friendship and support made all the difference for me. I could never have found my way to a moment like this without their encouragement, advice and most important, the good work that we did together.

Thank you all for being here and thank you for this moment.

Theodora Ko Thompson, 2014 UO Senate Classified Staff Leadership Award Recipient

Theodora Ko Thompson Picture (Classified Staff Award Recipient 2014)

Theodora Ko Thompson's 2014 UO Senate Classified Staff Leadership Award Acceptance Speech

Senate Meeting Agenda - June 4, 2014

110 Law, 3:00-5:00 p.m.

3:00 – 5:00 pm, 110 Law School

3:00 pm     1.   Call to Order

3:05 pm     2.   Approval of Minutes

April 23rd, 2014

3:10 pm     3.   University Update

3:30 pm     4.   New Business

4.1       Motion (Legislation): Proposed Revisions to Student Conduct Code Dealing with Sexual Misconduct; John Bonine, Professor (Law) and Caroline Forell, Professor (Law) [Suspension of the Rules]

4.2       Motion (Legislation): Selection of the UO Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR); Pedro Garcia-Caro, Professor (Romance Languages) & UO Senator

4.3       Motion (Resolution): Campus Planning Regarding Consolidated Kitchen Facility; Michael Fifield, Professor (Architecture), Jennifer Ellis, Senior Instructor (Finance) & UO Senator, and Peter Keyes, Professor (Architecture) & Chair, Faculty Advisory Council [Suspension of the Rules]

4.4       Motion (Legislation): Working Group for Campus Planning Concerns; Michael Fifield, Professor (Architecture), Jennifer Ellis, Senior Instructor (Finance) & UO Senator, and Edward Teague, AAA Library Head (UO Libraries) & UO Senator

4.5       Motion (Resolution): GTFF Bargaining; Regina Psaki, Professor (Romance Languages & UO Senator [Suspension of the Rules]

4:30 pm     5.   Open Discussion

4:40 pm     6.   Reports

6.1       Report from Athletics Director; Rob Mullens, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics [ONLINE ONLY]

6.2       Report from UAUO Senate Liaison; Regina Psaki, Professor (Romance Languages) & UO Senator [ONLINE ONLY]

4:45 pm     7.   Announcements and Communication from the Floor

7.1       UO Senate Leadership and Service Award for Officers of Administration:
David Espinoza, Assistant Director/Testing Center Director

7.2       UO Senate Classified Staff Leadership Award:           
Theodora Ko Thompson, Admissions Specialist (Office of Admissions)

7.3       Wayne Westling Award:          
Susan Gary, Orlando J. and Marian H. Hollis Professor (Law)

4:50 pm         8.             Other Business

8.1       Distinguished Service Awards: Executive Session

5:00 pm     9.   Adjournment

Stephanie Bosnyk, 2013 Recipient of the UO Senate Leadership and Service Award for Officers of Administration

Stephanie Bosnyk's 2013 UO Senate Leadership and Service Award for Officers of Administration Acceptance Speech

Stephanie Bosnyk's 2013 UO Senate Leadership and Service Award for Officers of Administration Acceptance Speech

I am extremely honored to have been nominated and selected as the third recipient of the UO Senate Leadership and Service Award for Officers of Administration. I would like to thank the UO Senate for establishing this special award and for all of those who supported my

Trying to select my greatest mentors is tough as all the people I have worked with over the years have contributed to my growth. Still, I would especially like to thank Jim Reinmuth (my boss for 18 years and former Dean of LCB) and my Mom for being great mentors.

I do not think of myself as a great leader but have always been committed to the principles of being a part of a great institution like the University of Oregon. The social media age can make it difficult to inspire or connect with people on an individual basis. However it has always been a passion and commitment of mine to assist others to achieve their potential along the way. Over time (and I do have a few years under my belt) it has been fun to participate in many committees and advisory bodies that I hope have led to better working lives for those I have shared this journey with. At times, the day-to-day work doesn’t seem important until you see how it has impacted just one or two people and made their life better.

As the University goes through tremendous change it is important for all of you to continue to be involved and connected through various channels (committees, OA Council, mentor to others) and to make a difference in the lives of the students, faculty, and staff around you.
Reconnect, revitalize, and join in!

It is always rewarding to be recognized for your efforts and decisions and I find this award to be particularly motivating and inspirational to me. Thank you again for this recognition --- I wish you each every success and joy.

John Nicols, 2010 Wayne Westling Award Recipient

John Nicols

John Nicols, 2010 Wayne Westling award winner, photo courtesy of John Nicols

Remarks from Scott Coltrane, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences; May 26, 2010:

It is my great pleasure today to present The Wayne T. Westling Award for University Leadership and Service to John Nicols, Professor of History.

The Westling Award was established by the University Senate in 2001 to honor faculty or staff who have provided long-term leadership and service to the university community. Many of you knew Professor Wayne Westling, in whose honor this award was named. Professor Westling set the standard of exemplary scholar, teacher and university citizen. In giving this award we acknowledge and remember the remarkable contributions that Wayne Westling made to the University of Oregon and are grateful for the other dedicated faculty who have followed in his footsteps.

John - could I ask that you join me at the podium?

John joined the University of Oregon's History Department in 1980 as an associate professor and has contributed greatly to university life during the past thirty years. In addition to being an accomplished scholar, teacher and citizen here at the University of Oregon, he has been a visiting professor at the Universities of Munich, Heidelberg, Cologne and Münster. John has been the recipient of numerous fellowships and research grants from prestigious professional organizations, including the German Academic Exchange Service, the Fulbright Commission, the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

During the past two years I have come to know John through his service as both Director of the College Scholars Program and as Head of the Humanities Program within the College of Arts and Sciences. His contributions to each have been phenomenal. John has devoted himself to the success of these two programs with enormous efforts on behalf of students and countless hours working with faculty, administrators and donors. John's hard work and dedication has paid off in a dramatic increase in the number of College Scholars and the number of Humanities majors. Students rave about how these programs have enriched their intellectual lives and awakened them to scholarly inquiry.

John's service contributions to the university have been long running and truly extraordinary. Joe Stone, former Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences was one of several faculty who nominated John for this award. In his nomination letter Joe stated "John's service to our campus is exemplary and represents the highest ideals of the Wayne Westling Award. In my 30 years on our campus, I can think of no member of our faculty whose service has reached across the campus as broadly and profoundly as John's."

I fully agree. The following partial list enumerates John's service to his department, to the College of Arts and Sciences, and to the University:

* Director, College of Arts and Sciences Society of Scholars, 2006- 10

* Director, Humanities Program and Independent Study Program, 1991 -present

* University representative to Inter-institutional Faculty Senate ,through 2008

* University Classroom Committee 2002- 2005; 2007; 2010

* University's Distinguished Scholarship Committee 2010

* University Committee on Courses, 2003-5

* Undergraduate Council, Member and then Chair: 1999-2003

* UO Committee on Courses, through spring 2006

* Department Head, Classics 1991- 98

* CAS Curriculum Committee, Member then Chair, 1997-2000

* Academic Requirements Committee, Chair, 1994-96

* Senate Budget Committee, Member then Chair, 1996-99

* Faculty Advisory Committee, Member then Chair, 1996-98

Throughout his distinguished career, John Nicols has consistently volunteered to take on additional duties both in teaching and service. For example, though a full time member of the History Department, Professor Nicols served for eight years as head of the Classics Department. John has also been recognized for his outstanding teaching. His most recent teaching awards includes:

* 2009: Williams Foundation Award for notable contributions to undergraduate education

* 2009: The Lorry Lokey Foundation Award for contributions to digital media (shared with Professor Gregory Bothun, Physics)

It is therefore with great pleasure and deep appreciation, that on behalf of the University of Oregon Senate, I present John Nicols with this year's Wayne T. Westling Award for University Leadership and Service.

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